16 June 2011

Mmmm tasty!

What a lovely gift for a rainy, work-slammed week courtesy of one rather tasty blogger; Ellen Harger at My Mother Stuttered. She's brilliant and bless her for giving me such a yummy cake! Check out her first post, explaining the inspired name of her blog.

Now, the deal of this award is that I have to share 7 random facts about myself with you (brace yourselves because this could get pretty dull).....

1. I HATE cucumber (HATE it)

2. I LOVE hoummos (to the point where it may be a bit of a problem. At one point I was buying a pot a day and devouring it with half a baguette!)

3. I have played the classical guitar since I was 14. Then I went to University and discovered the evils of alcohol which means I don't play now like I should. My brother is now busy crafting me back into a super hot guitarista. 

4. I speak four languages. One fluently (French) and three really badly (English, Spanish and Portuguese) Even though I am, in fact, English.

ummmm 5. Paris is my favourite place in the whole wide world. Fact.

6. I've always hated maths and even though I could figure it out I will even use a calculator to add 2 + 2 together. No joke.

7. Although I love my sweet cakey award, thinking of 7 interesting things is making me feel highly unimaginative! Heh heh.

Oh..I know ... 7. I'm scared of the dentist. Never was when I was a little girl but now I'm really scared. Especially when he brings out the 'mirror of shame' to show me how rubbish I am at brushing my teeth. Boo.


And here now (rule 2) are 15 ACE bloggers who deserve this award and don't (I think) yet have it- for being creative, funny, interesting, supportive and a million more things  (please check out these blogs because they're my absolute faves) ...


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  1. Aw...thanks! I'll go write a post about this right now. :)