23 June 2011

Béatrice Dalle and a Bloodthirsty Butcher

Whilst I collect my thoughts on my latest, heartwarming read Jennie by Paul Gallico, here's a little snippet of some of the cult films I'll be focusing on for our Paris in July; 37°2 le matin (Betty Blue) and Delicatessen:

I can't wait to revisit these films!


  1. I've seen both of these. I asked around on Twitter for recommendations so I have 6 new French films (well new to me) to watch in July.

  2. Brilliant. Any recommendations? I fancy revisiting a few more I've seen before; there's a fabulous film called Chacun Cherche Son Chat by Cédric Klapisch which is just wonderful...but I really should test unchartered waters as well.