16 July 2012

The Reader Summer Book Club 2012

Whilst popping together my thoughts on Françoise Sagan's Aimez-vous Brahms... which I finished this weekend, I thought I'd share the slightly mortifying yet highly amusing experience of listening to myself rattle on at Savidge Reads' Simon and Gav Reads' Gav for their Summer Book Club. The boys have developed an incredibly entertaining, insightful and fairly hilarious bookish Podcast; The Readers, that I enjoy listening to on my ramble home from work every evening. They were kind enough to invite me on to natter about Andrew Miller's Pure that, as you all know, I loved, precluded by an interview with the author himself. Any excuse to chat books!

You can find the podcasts below and I apologise in advance for how squeaky and Northern I sound (squeakier than expected!) Though BE WARNED, if you make it to my section at the end, SPOILERS are abound and I would hate to ruin this wonderful book for any of you :):

The Readers


  1. I heard this. A very good show. well done

  2. Awww thank you for spreading the word Lucy and indeed for coming on the show and being so enthused.

    1. You know me :-) Mrs Enthusiastic ;-* The pleasure was all mine! xxxxxxxx