8 March 2012

A cup of tea and a biscuit...

Well, a cup of tea and a book I can't sink into anyway!  The foundations for a review of the thrilling Woman in Black have already been laid at Relish Towers but today, I am on strike. The boyfriend and I are very very lucky to be going on holiday for a whole week (woohoo!) on Saturday. I am going to be merrily strapping two planks of wood to my feet every morning and hurtling uncontrollably down a mountainside after my incredibly sure footed boyfriend and his family; absolute heaven!

I appear however to be having a particularly stressful and inordinately busy week; work that I will never finish before Friday, a million social engagements (which never happens!) and a thousand things to get ready mean that, although I simply do not have the time, this evening Literally Relish is officially off duty. Yes the washing up needs doing, yes I really should be putting together an incredibly clever and insightful review to post up before I leave but, I refuse.

Some very exciting bookish things are afoot which I plan to gush about once I have buggered off for a week and come back fresh and revitalised. For now, a cup of Yorkshire tea, my dressing gown and Phil and Kirsty await me. I shun everything today, even Winifred Holtby; whose South Riding is just not grabbing me at the moment. Even the titillating appearance of the Orange Prize longlist cannot drag me out of my pit today. Farewell bookworms, don't forget me while I'm out of action so very briefly!

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